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Happy Hour



Dance Happy Hour is a series of virtual sharing of Brice's choreographic works,

performed and recorded in theater in front of a live audience, before the pandemic.

As Brice welcomes you into OUI DANSE "virtual theater", 

you will be able to interact live with one another via a chat room (just like at the theater, whispering in your friend's ear). 

The first series will be showcasing Brice's 15min pieces, commissioned by Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation and Martha Graham 2,

followed by a conversation around dance/Q&A, hosted by Brice himself, and with special guests. 

Make yourselves comfortable and join Brice's "virtual theater" as he shares his works with you,

for a casual and happy hour around dance!


Next session: August 19th 2.30pm ET

Piece "Edit & Jacques" commissioned by Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation

OUI DANSE "virtual theater" will be open to join 15 min before the Dance Happy Hour

How to join the virtual theater?

First time users: tips to have the best experience using Oui Danse’s virtual theater

Laptop or desktop users:

  1. Download the Chrome application and open Chrome.

  2. From Chrome, click  "Join Theater"  or copy paste this link to your chrome browser:

  3. Allow to enable camera and microphone.

  4. Enter your name and click “Join” to enter the theater.


IPad or an iPhone users:

  1. Install the Whistle mobile app: Whistle Mobile

  2. Allow to enable camera and microphone.

  3. Open your mobile web browser (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) and navigate to:

  4. Click on the “Join” button for the studio you wish to join, and select “Open” when asked if you want to “Open in Whistle”


For optimal performance:

  • Completely close out of and quit other running programs on your computer.

  • Keep your device plugged in to a power source while you are in the virtual theater.

  • Be the only person using your Internet and WiFi during class.

  • If possible, use a wired connection with your router, i.e. via ethernet.


If your camera is not enabled in the application

  1. Navigate to System Preferences

  2. Click on Security and Privacy

  3. Click on Privacy

  4. In the list of the left-hand side, scroll to and click Camera

  5. Check that there is a blue checkmark next to Google Chrome. If not, click on the lock icon to make changes which will prompt you for your computer’s password if one is set. Click on the checkbox to enable enable your camera and microphone for Chrome.

For donations

2 payment options: 

Venmo > @bricemousset

Paypal >



//E// for Martha Graham Dance 2






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